FAQS: Sell or Trade to Upgrade!

Sell/Trade-in Program FAQS

CyclingUpgrades.com offers a Sell/Trade-in Program for customers looking to sell their cycling equipment.

How quickly should I expect a response to my submission?

We strive to respond to all submissions within 48 hours with an offer that may include a cash and/or store credit payment option.

How do I get paid if I choose the cash offer?

For cash offers, we offer two payment options:

1) payment upfront via PayPal Goods and Services, which incurs a 3-4% fee for the customer to receive payment, or

2) payment upon delivery and inspection via PayPal Friends and Family, which incurs no fees for the customer. Payment is issued once the customer’s items have been received and passed inspection, typically by the end of the next business day after delivery has occurred.

Will there be any deductions from the amount I have been offered?

If everything is as described generally the answer is no, however, we reserve the right to deduct from payment or seek reimbursement for significant not as described conditions found during inspection, including but not limited to, excessive wear and tear not shown in photos or written description, broken or damaged carbon, seized and/or stripped bolts, bearings which need replaced, missing or non-functional components, missing electronic components chargers or batteries, or other damage or defects not previously disclosed. If there are any deductions or reimbursements requested, we will reach out to you with details before remitting payment. If an agreement can’t be reached, we can send your items back to you once inbound and outbound shipping costs are paid.

When and how can I use Store Credit?

Once our offer is accepted, store credit can be used immediately to secure desired in-stock items. Orders placed using Store Credit will ship once trade-in items have been received and passed inspection. Please email us to coordinate placing an order with Store Credit once you have accepted our offer.

Who covers inbound shipping costs for my sell/trade-in items?

We provide inbound shipping labels for addresses located in the contiguous 48 states on frames and wheels, and all USA USPS addresses for smaller components and parts. International trade-ins are accepted, but the customer is responsible for all shipping costs and any associated import fees which may be charged to CyclingUpgrades.com. To generate an inbound shipping label, accurate box dimensions and a ship from address must be provided by the customer.

How should I pack my items and are they insured?

Check with your local bike ship for sturdy bike and wheelboxes. If you are unfamiliar with the process of packing a full bike for safe shipment, your local bike ship can usually package your bike for you for a small fee. We recommend crumpled packing paper and cushion foam and discourage the use of bubble wrap (once the bubbles pop is it very ineffective at protecting fragile items). For frame coverage we recommend ¾-1” pipe insulation which is usually available at your local hardware store. Please fill empty voids in boxes with appropriate packing materials.

You are responsible for proper packaging to meet minimum carrier packaging requirements. Please note that shipping insurance does NOT cover improper or inadequate packaging. We provide basic insurance of $500 on inbound packages. If you would like to purchase additional insurance coverage, please contact us before we generate the shipping label.