• We clean all parts before selling! This includes details like ultrasonic cleaning of cassettes, bar-tape adhesive removal off handlebars, even disassembling pulley wheels and chainrings for cleaning on those really gunked up drivetrains!
    • We test & inspect all parts before selling! This includes details like a thorough visual inspection of carbon surfaces (a more advanced ultrasound inspection process is in the works), measuring lateral true on all wheels, digitally measuring of chain stretch, checking power meter connectivity & zero offset functions, and testing mechanical and electronic shift pieces.
    •  We service or replace rough wheel/bottom bracket/headset/pulley bearings, replace worn hood covers, true any wheels over .5mm out of lateral, and replace any overly worn or non-functional parts that we encounter during our inspection and cleaning process.
    • We create detailed listings! We note and show all significant cosmetic defects with specific photos. We include key specs and measurements in all listings as well.
    •  We package like professionals! Our frame and wheelboxes are custom made locally to ensure everything is safe in shipping! All small parts are lovingly wrapped in cushion foam in boxes that are just the right size.
    •  We ship quickly! We fulfill all orders next business day or sooner. Generally, we are able to fulfill orders placed by 12pm MT on the same day, however it is not guaranteed. Small parts are shipped via USPS and often arrives to our customers in 2-3 business days. Frame and wheels ship via Fedex and UPS ground.
    • We accept 30-day returns! See our terms page for full details.
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